Job Title: Assistant to the President
Class Code: 000326

Job Summary

Assist the President in the coordination and supervision of the official activities and the entertainment and social calendar of the President's Office. Serve as the Office Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and coordinate the official activities as well as the entertainment and social calendar of the President.

Manage the time of and plan the calendar for the President.

Serve as Office Manager: participate in staff supervision and trouble shooting activities for the President's Office.

Act as conduit of information between the President and his staff and cabinet.

Make all the travel and accommodation arrangements for the President and spouse.

Manage a large petty cash fund and checking account.

Respond to complaints using policy and established practices as guidelines.

Greet and screen visitors for the President; redirect as appropriate.

Answer, screen and route calls for the President.

Process routine correspondence, travel forms and reimbursements for the President.

Coordinate and serve as liaison for special projects.

Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Business or related field.


Five years of related experience.