Job Title:Director, Intramurals and Spirit Groups
Class Code:000162Grade:EH

Job Summary

Direct the competitive phase of the Intramural and Recreational Sports Program and supervise the recreational facilities and operations for University gymnasiums and recreational space.

Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee the management and scheduling of four recreational facilities: Crawford Gym, Humana Gym, Carmichael Gym, and the recreational space within the Student Activities Center.

Plan, develop and implement intramural-recreational activities to meet University needs and interests; coordinate the competitive phase of the Intramural Program.

Coordinate all of the publicity for intramural-recreational sports activities in all means of campus public relations.

Monitor and oversee the activities associated with the Spirit Groups (Men's and Women's Cheerleaders, the Ladybirds, and the Cardinal Bird).

Develop and monitor departmental budgets.

Develop the policies and procedures for the various activities and facilities.

Direct and coordinate the intramural-recreational activities, special events and summer activities program.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in Sports Management, Physical Education, Recreation, or related area.


Five years of related experience.

Supervisor Title(s)

Executive Director, Student Life

Subordinate Title(s)