Job Title: Dir KIESD - Rsch & Dev
Job Code: 000112  

Job Summary

Direct the research and development activities for the Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinate and supervise grants and contracts activities of the chairs of the various centers of the Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development. Identify sources for funding for research and development in specific environmental and sustainable development programs statewide and at the national level.

Initiate dialogue, meetings and workshops around subjects like sustainable Kentucky forestry/wood industry, sustainable agriculture, minimizing risk to the environment, ecological economics, environmental approaches to job creation and economic development.

Act as contact point for KIESD faculty with city and state governments, national funding agencies, industry and international environmental groups.

Create interdisciplinary teams of faculty within the KIESD to pursue funding for interdisciplinary environmental research; work with KIESD Center chairs to integrate their faculty, staffs and resources to take on larger scale projects.

Advise and assist in existing KIESD projects, i.e., help identify distinguished gifted speakers for the KIESD seminars series; serve as a member of the SUSTAIN editorial board and help with the KIESD newsletter.

Work closely with the Director of Sponsored Programs and with the U of L development office. Represent the Director of KIESD, whenever appropriate.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences or a related field.


Nine years of related experience. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.