Job Title: Dir Payroll

Job Code: 000103


Knowledge, Training and Skills







This is an outdated job specification for job code 000103 - Manager, Payroll.  The job code is now assigned to Dir Payroll.

Professional/Administrative Job Specification

Job Title:Manager, Payroll
Class Code:000103

Job Summary (Was for Manager, Payroll)

Plan and manage the operational and personnel activities of the University's Payroll Department.

Duties and Responsibilities (Was for Manager, Payroll)

Plan and manage the payroll functions and records of the University.

Respond to inquiries, problems and complaints relating to payroll policies and procedures.

Maintain payroll computer system controls.

Resolve operational problems and interpret operating policies.

Coordinate activities with and communicate payroll actions to affected areas.

Participate in developing and implementing procedures to accommodate unusual salary adjustments, increases and the like.

Reconcile, maintain records of, and pay federal, state and city taxes and other payroll deductions.

Prepare or review reconciliation of liability accounts relating to payroll deductions.

Review and approve expenditures and maintain departmental operating budget records.

Consult with Computing, Personnel, Controller's and Budget Offices to develop and implement changes to existing computerized payroll system and ensure accurate rollover of new fiscal year salary transactions.

Select, train, supervise and evaluate support staff.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (Was for Manager, Payroll)

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related field. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.

Experience (Was for Manager, Payroll)

Seven years of experience in Payroll and Accounting Activities.