Job Title:Dir Women's Ctr
Class Code:116830


Job Summary

Develop, coordinate, publicize and assess programs for women students, staff, and faculty. Serve as University liaison to women's organizations throughout the region. Facilitate program development and enhancement.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop long and short term plans for the Women's Center. Develop workshops, seminars, lecture series, art exhibits, performances and cultural events on campus and in the community to heighten awareness of women's studies scholarship and women's issues.

Develop strategies for successful fund-raising to support Center staff and programming activities.

Submit grant applications to national, regional, state and local, public and private funding agencies to facilitate program development and enhancement. Develop, manage and supervise the Women's Center budget.

Serve as University liaison with Women's Studies Programs and Women's organizations in the city, state, region and nation. Publicize Women's Center programs and events. Serve as liaison with Arts and Sciences Departments and other units of the University.

Recruit, train and supervise Women's Center staff and work-study students.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences discipline with expertise in Women's Studies.


Three years of related experience.  Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.