Job Title: Dir Std Affs


Job Code: 000070


Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in Counseling, Student Personnel Administration or a related field



Five years of related experience. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.


This is an old job specification for Director, Dental Student Services.  The job code is now assigned to Dir Std Affs.


Job Title:Director, Dental Student Services
Class Code:114528

Job Summary (This was for Director, Dental Student Services)

Plan and administer student service functions including student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, tutoring, placement and personal counseling.

Duties and Responsibilities (This was for Director, Dental Student Services)

Coordinate student recruitment; develop master plan and calendar and supervise Coordinator of Recruitment.

Plan and carry out campus visits, tours, and special events; coordinate activities with ADA and alumni; counsel and advise prospective applicants.

Develop publications, video productions and other materials.

Coordinate admissions activities; screen all applications, supervise collection of credentials.

Select applicants for interview and supervise follow-up arrangements. Serve as ex-officio member of Admissions Committee and coordinate all meetings.

Provide follow-up services to admitted students; counsel others.

Provide comprehensive financial aid counseling services for students, including pre-admission counseling.

Distribute and collect financial aid applications, track their processing and delivery of aid.

Develop special handouts and publications. Make financial aid awards in conjunction with Office of Financial Aid.

Maintain individual files and office follow-up debt management counseling.

Coordinate exit interviews.

Manage support services.

Recruit, inform and supervise system of advisors.

Coordinate tutoring services.

Provide personal counseling and referral.

Coordinate special events such as orientation, graduation, senior awards banquet.

Plan and implement dental component into programs for special students through PEPP & HCOP in conjunction with other schools within University.

Supervise dental school registrar in regards to activities essential for the admissions process and maintenance of all student records, registration procedures, and compilation of report data. Supervise all staff.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (This was for Director, Dental Student Services)

Master's degree in Counseling, Student Personnel Administration or a related field.

Experience (This was for Director, Dental Student Services)

Five years of related experience.

Supervisor Title(s)

Assistant Dean, School of Dentistry

Subordinate Title(s)