Job Title:Hazardous Materials Manager
Class Code:000052

Job Summary

Develop and manage the hazardous materials/waste programs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop, publish and distribute guidelines for hazardous and infectious waste management within the University.

Develop and implement a hazardous waste minimization program.

Evaluate and oversee performance of infectious and hazardous waste contractors.

Maintain knowledge of current laws and regulations governing environmental health and safety.

Represent the University at regulatory hearings, legal actions and legislative meetings regarding hazardous materials.

Develop action plan and estimated cost addressing PCB, underground storage tank and SARA Title III compliance.

Perform related duties as required.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science or related field. Extensive training and knowledge of D.O.T. regulations, hazardous materials emergency response activities and sampling techniques. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.


Five years of related experience.