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Performance Improvement Plan


Performance Improvement Plans, if applicable, shall be implemented when:

An employee's performance is first recognized as not meeting expectations and is not resolved through informal discussion, or

An employee receives  a “needs improvement” written evaluation.

During the performance improvement plan period an employee shall be evaluated at least once every 30 calendar days up to a maximum of 90 calendar days until:

  1. the employee's performance has improved and is evaluated as at least meeting expectations; or
  2. the employee is terminated under the provisions of the staff disciplinary process, PER 5.01.

The Performance Improvement Plan is designed to provide employees a reasonable amount of time to improve.  However, employees remain subject to disciplinary action related to unsatisfactory performance and/or other violation(s) of university policies and procedures in accordance with PER 5.01, Disciplinary Action.

After the immediate supervisor completes a written summary of the areas which require improvement or an evaluation, he or she shall discuss with the employee. The employee will be provided an opportunity to sign the applicable document. Should the employee refuse to sign, a notation shall be made on the memorandum and/or evaluation. Employees shall be permitted to submit written statements of disagreement that shall be attached to the applicable document within 15 calendar days. A copy of the memorandum and/or evaluation shall be given to the employee and shall then be filed in the department with a copy forwarded to the Human Resources Department.

The Staff Development and Employee Relations Office must be notified whenever an employee receives a “needs improvement” performance evaluation.

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