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Bereavement Leave

PER-4.07 February 8, 2002 Bereavement Leave



The university recognizes the need for employees to be away from work upon the death of an immediate family member. An employee, upon request, shall be granted three days of administrative leave with pay upon the death of any member of the employee's immediate family. (See Definitions for definition of immediate family).  If more than three days' absence is necessary to arrange for the disposition of remains or to attend a funeral or memorial service, including reasonble travel time, employees may use accrued sick leave.  

If employees desire additional time off from work in conjunction with Bereavement Leave for other reasons (such as spending time with extended family members or probating an estate) employees may request time off using personal days, compensatory time, annual leave, and/or leave without pay consistent with appropriate leave policies.  Supervisory approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.


A staff member must submit a request to use administrative leave for bereavement purposes on the Request for Leave Form, to the supervisor and/or unit head. The request should indicate the time(s) and date(s) the leave begins and the return to work. The request should also indicate the family relationship to the deceased family member.

In certain cases, the employee may notify the supervisor of the need to use bereavement leave by telephone. The employee would complete the Request for Leave form upon his or her return to work.



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