Print Your ID Card

Your permanent ID card should arrive about two weeks prior to your effective date. Should you need to access health care services before your ID card arrives, you may print a temporary ID card or contact your designated member services team at 855.747.1137.

Haven't received your member medical ID card yet? Or do you need to go to a doctor's appointment before you get it? There's no need to worry - you can always print a temporary ID card. It'll work just as well as the real thing. Printer your temporary ID card is easy and takes only a few minutes. You can print a temporary ID card online through, by following these steps:

  • Login to or register online if you do not have an account (call Member Services and request your health care ID number to register).
    • You may use your SS# during your first login.
  • Click on the Print Temporary ID card link.
  • Select a name from the drop down box of the member you wish to print a temporary ID card for.
  • The sustem will display the Temp ID Card.
  • Click the print icon in the upper left hand corner of the PDF to print.

You can print the ID card using your own printer and then use it at your next doctor's appointment. It's important to remember that your temporary ID card expires 20 days after its issue date. The temporary ID card is not meant to replace your permanent ID card, which you will still get, and it may not include all of your benefit information.

If you have any question, a customer service number is on the temporary ID card. So, if you need an ID card quick, go online and print a temporary one as a backup!

Understanding your ID card