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II. Guide to Evaluation


The following actions describe the path followed by an effective suggestion:

1. Suggestion is submitted by suggester via miniform, or hard copy, to the Employee Relations office.

2. Suggestion is referred by Employee Relations to the appropriate department head for evaluation by qualified personnel.

3. Evaluator makes recommendation and returns form to Employee Relations.

4. If recommended for adoption, suggestion is then reviewed by the Employee Suggestion Program Committee for award determination.

5. ESP committee submits award determination to Employee Relations.

6. Award presentation by the Employee Relations office.


1. Be thoroughly familiar with the program by studying this guide along with the ESP Administrative Manual, the suggestion form and the suggestion evaluation form.

2. Keep in mind the importance of a prompt resolution of the suggestion and handle it with high priority.

3. Look at the suggestion objectively and impartially and ask:

- Is the present condition, method or practice accurately described by the suggester?

- What is the problem being addressed? For example, is the suggester concerned about an overly cumbersome process, a safety hazard, duplicate forms, inadequate equipment?

- Has the suggester identified a potential solution such as eliminating duplicate steps in a process or modifying equipment to make it safer or more efficient?

- Is the suggester making a valid point even if the technical terms are absent or misapplied?

- Does the suggester make a logical case for projected savings and is there evidence of an effort to provide accurate calculations?

- Has the idea been previously presented or is a change being initiated or already in progress which would make the suggestion irrelevant or unnecessary?

- Would the implementation of this suggestion bring undesirable side effects which would significantly reduce the value of the suggestion?

4. Understand that the Employee Relations office, which has the ultimate responsibility for approving or disapproving the idea for an award, usually must base its decision solely on the evaluation and documentation provided by you. Although the evaluation may be concise, it should be complete and contain full and convincing proof of why the suggestion should be adopted or not adopted. It is not enough to simply state that you have recommended that the suggestion be adopted or not adopted because it . . .

- will not be implemented

- is not a new idea

- is impractical

- requires a law change

- is presently being developed or approved

- is a good idea

- shows a lot of thought

- saves money

5. As an evaluator, take a position one way or the other and support your position with documented evidence substantiating your reasons.

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