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I. Introduction


The overall goal of the University of Louisville's Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) is to stimulate, recognize, and reward innovative, creative and problem-solving ideas by University employees.

The purpose of the ESP is to recognize and encourage the capacity of employees to exercise initiative and to develop suggestions above and beyond basic job requirements. Outstanding suggestions that identify specific problems and propose valid solutions will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the University through increased productivity, reduced costs, safer working conditions, or improved public services. An additional gain from such suggestions will be a climate that encourages open communication of ideas and maximizes employee talents.

Vital to the success of the ESP is the active participation of suggestion evaluators. By working together to ensure that all suggestions are given timely and thorough consideration, evaluators are providing a valuable service to the person making the suggestion and the University. They are facilitating prompt action on those suggestions that will be adopted, providing benefits to both the University and the employee. And, should a suggestion not be suitable for adoption, a prompt evaluation will be less of a disincentive to the person making the suggestion.

You have been asked to evaluate a suggestion because of your knowledge in a particular area. This evaluation guide has been developed to help you understand and complete the evaluation process. The Employee Relations office will be a resource to you if necessary. You may also need to contact the person making the suggestion for additional information.

Your role is important to the overall success of the Employee Suggestion Program. Please share your questions and ideas with the Employee Relations office at 852-6538.

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