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University of Louisville
Employee Suggestion Program
Administrative Manual

VI. Additional Policies



1. Employee Status

An employee's rights to an award will be established based on employment status at the time the suggestion is received by the ER office, and will be protected for one year from the date of receipt or until date of final disposition if longer than one year.

2. Former Employees

Former regular University employees will remain eligible for an award if the University uses the suggestion within one year from the date of receipt by ER or until the date of final disposition if longer than one year.

3. Retain Eligibility

If a suggestion is not adopted for reasons other than ineligibility, it will be active for one year from the date of receipt by the ER or until the date of final disposition if longer than one year. To retain eligibility, the employee must resubmit the suggestion prior to the expiration of the one-year eligibility period.

4. Discrimination

The program prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or political affiliation in all aspects of personnel management and employment practices, including, but not limited to, compensation and other terms, conditions or privileges of employment.

5. Taxes

State and Federal tax laws require the withholding of state and federal taxes from awards. For further information, please contact the Payroll Department.


1. Policy Changes

When the policies, structures, or systems that affect the management of the ESP are changed, notice will be sent to each department head.

2. Claims Against the University

The use of employee suggestions by the University shall not be the basis of further claims of any kind by the person making the suggestion, his or her heirs or assigns.

3. Termination Rights

The University retains the right to terminate the ESP without notice at any time.

4. Use of Ideas

When a suggestion is submitted to and accepted by ER, the person making the suggestion agrees that the University shall have the right to make full use of the suggestion. This right to use the suggestion shall not in any way be abridged or limited by copyrights or patents.

5. Final Decision

The decisions of the Employee Suggestion Program Committee are final and binding. This includes all questions of policy, procedures, entitlement to an award, and the nature and amount, if any, of such award.

6. Federal or Local Funds

The University will pay cash awards only when actual savings are realized. In those situations where federal regulations or local fund restrictions prohibit payment of awards from savings, cash payments will not be made. However, the University will work with all funding sources to ensure that award payments under the ESP may be made.

7. Copyrights and Patents

Refer to the University Patent Policy.

Revised: July 19, 1996


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