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University of Louisville
Employee Suggestion Program
Administrative Manual

III. Evaluation of Suggestions


1. An evaluation is an analysis of the proposed suggestion to determine the feasibility or merit of implementation.

2. The importance of obtaining a thorough evaluation cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of whether a suggestion is adopted or not, the person making the suggestion should be satisfied that his or her idea had been given every consideration.

3. Evaluations are normally completed within thirty (30) days of being forwarded from ER to the evaluating department. The evaluating department is responsible for notifying ER of changes in suggestion status and delays in the evaluation process. During the evaluation period, ER is responsible for informing the person making the suggestion of the status of their suggestions.

4. When a suggestion is adopted it should be implemented expeditiously. The suggestion will be implemented within sixty days of its adoption or as early as possible following adoption. It is the responsibility of the evaluating department to implement the suggestion. The Employee Relations office will follow up with the department at the end of the sixty-day period.


1. ER records the date of receipt, name of person making the suggestion, and topic for all suggestions received.

2. The ER office checks records of prior suggestions for duplicity and advises the person making the suggestion of any possible duplications.

3. ER forwards the suggestion to the appropriate department for evaluation and notifies person making the suggestion.

4. The department head evaluates the suggestion or assigns it to a qualified evaluator.

5. The evaluator investigates the benefits of the suggestion and records the findings on the suggestion evaluation form. 6. Each completed evaluation must contain either a computation of dollar savings and revenue generation or an intangible benefits rating on which the award will be based should the suggestion be recommended for adoption by the department.

7. Based on the evaluation, the department determines whether or not to adopt the suggestion.

a. Should the department decide to adopt and implement the suggestion, a recommendation regarding employee award eligibility and the type and amount of award is forwarded with the evaluation to ER for review and approval. The department head must sign recommendations for cash awards. Increased revenues are treated as savings in computing cash awards. The Employee Suggestion Program Committee then reviews the suggestion. The Committee will determine the type of award appropriate for each suggestion.

b. If the decision is not to adopt and implement the suggestion, the department notifies ER of the reasons including the results of the evaluation. ER reviews the evaluation for adequacy and notifies the person making the suggestion.

8. ER approves making an award if documentation is complete and consistent with University policy.

9. ER presents award to person making the suggestion. A certificate of recognition is given in conjunction with all awards.

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