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University of Louisville
Employee Suggestion Program
Administrative Manual



The Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) is established in the Human Resources Department. As delegated by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, the Employee Relations office provides staff for ESP, and is responsible for directing program operations and maintaining its central records and files.


The ESP program entails the following activities and functions:

  • Receive and provide initial processing of all suggestions and evaluations including screening for duplicity and incomplete suggestions
  • Maintain and update name, topic, and other files necessary to operate the program on a daily basis
  • Notify employees of the status of their suggestions at each stage in processing
  • Alert departments to due dates for evaluations and recommendations
  • Recommend the final disposition of employee suggestions
  • Establish, execute, and enforce the policies, rules, and procedures of the program
  • Disseminate appropriate information involving the interpretation of policies, procedures, and other relevant information
  • Install and maintain any necessary record keeping systems and reports for the program
  • Provide technical assistance to employees and evaluators, when appropriate and upon request
  • Establish a promotion campaign to inform employees of the program, its purposes and benefits
  • Prepare and submit a quarterly report of the program's activities, and periodically analyze the effects of ESP and report findings and recommendations to the Vice President of Administration.


1. The President of the University or his designee shall appoint an Employee Suggestion Program Committee of seven (7) employees.

a. Members will be appointed for three-year terms or, in case of resignations, for the remainder of the unexpired term, except the first appointment will provide for staggered expirations. (Two for one year, two for two years, and three for three years.)

b. A committee member may be reappointed to successive terms.

c. Members will represent all constituencies including Faculty, Administrators, Professional and Administrative, and Classified Staff Members.

d. The members of the committee will elect one member to serve as chair.

2. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, or designee, will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee with no voting privileges.

3. The Employee Suggestion Program Committee will:

a. By majority vote, recommend the award for each suggestion that is adopted by one or more departments

b. Review requests from employees for reevaluation of their suggestions that were not adopted

c. Meet six (6) times per year: February, April, June, August, October and December. In certain cases, a special meeting may be called in addition to these regularly scheduled meetings.

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