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University of Louisville
Employee Suggestion Program
Administrative Manual


The overall goals of the University of Louisville Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) are to stimulate, recognize, and reward innovative, creative and problem-solving ideas by regular University employees. The Human Resources Department is establishing the program. 

The purpose of the ESP is to recognize and encourage the capacity of the employees to exercise initiative and to develop suggestions that identify specific problems and propose valid solutions which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the University of Louisville through increased productivity, reduced cost, safer working conditions, or expedited public services. An additional gain from such suggestions will be a climate within the University, which encourages open communication of ideas and maximizes employee talents. 

This policy manual provides the guidelines for ESP in order to ensure fairness and equity to both the University and the employee who participates in the program. The policies that are in effect are subject to change. All employee suggestions submitted prior to the effective date of a change in policy shall be governed by the policy at the time the suggestion was submitted. 


The Employee Relations office (ER) will have primary responsibility for receiving suggestions, forwarding suggestions to the appropriate departments for evaluation, monitoring the evaluation and eligibility processes, and approving the issuance of awards. To administer the program, ER will promulgate a policy, prepare a policy manual, and provide evaluators with training and technical assistance. ER will actively promote the ESP. 

The final test of a suggestion's usefulness is its successful adoption by a department. While department heads have the prerogative of deciding whether or not to adopt and implement a suggestion, it is important that top management earnestly seek changes, encourage employee participation, and ensure that all ideas are fairly and adequately evaluated. 

Departments are responsible for assuring that suggestions are fairly and adequately evaluated, and for notifying ER of decisions regarding suggestion adoption and recommendations on issuance of an award. Sufficient documentation must accompany this notification. If the Employee Suggestion Program Committee (Section II.C.) so authorizes, ER will make the appropriate award. 


1. Employee sends suggestion to the Employee Relations Office ( ESP Form )  where it is logged and checked for completeness and duplicity. 

2.The ER office forwards the suggestion to the appropriate department for evaluation, concurrently notifying the person making the suggestion. 

3. The department head conducts the evaluation or refers it to a qualified evaluator. If the evaluation period exceeds thirty (30) days from the date received/logged in at the ER office, the evaluator must provide an explanation to the ER office. The ER office notifies the person making the suggestion of the suggestion status. 

4. Based on evaluation results, the evaluating department decides to adopt, or not to adopt, the suggestion. 

a. If the department decides to adopt the suggestion, it notifies the ER office, recommending a decision on the employee award and the type and amount of the award. 
b. If the department decides not to adopt the suggestion, it notifies the ER office of the decision and provides justification. 
5. The Employee Suggestion Program Committee reviews the departmental evaluation and recommendation and may request additional information if necessary. 

6. The Employee Suggestion Program Committee recommends the appropriate award and ER then notifies the person making the suggestion of the suggestion status. 

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