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Training and Education

Education and training are fundamental to maintaining an environment free of discriminatory harassment. Managers, supervisors, deans, directors, and department heads and those in a supervisory capacity are responsible for informing those employees who are under their direction or supervision of this Policy. Student Life administrators are responsible for providing this information to the student body.

The Staff Development and Employee Relations Office is responsible for providing educational and training programs to assist members of the university community in understanding what discriminatory harassment is and is not, and how to address behavior that violates this Policy. Specifically, the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office will distribute copies of this Policy to all schools, departments and programs at the university, and will give workshops and seminars on this subject. The Staff Development and Employee Relations Office will maintain a brochure that explains in simple, understandable terms the university's policy and procedures concerning discriminatory harassment, and will place copies of the brochure in Human Resources and at other offices to which persons are likely to go for counseling and advice regarding discriminatory harassment.

To schedule training, call the Staff Development and Employee Relaitons Office at (502) 852-6536.

Questions about this Policy should be directed to the Director of Staff Development and Employee Relations.


Acknowledgment: The University of Louisville would like to thank Dr. Karen Holt, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, University of Virginia at Charlottesville, for her assistance and permission to use portions of the University of Virginia's Policy on Discriminatory Harassment.

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