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Responding to Harassment

If you believe you are experiencing treatment that violates this policy, you may take the following steps:

  1. If possible, clearly tell the harasser to stop. Record what happened, the action you took, and the date of the incident.
  2. If you cannot or do not wish to confront the harasser, or your efforts did not stop the conduct, you may contact your supervisor, the department chair, a faculty or academic advisor , the Division of Student Affairs, the Women's Center, or the Office of the University Provost for help.
  3. You may also contact the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office (502) 852-6536 or (502) 852-6538 at any time whether or not you have taken the above steps. The Staff Development and Employee Relations Office is the university office responsible for receiving and addressing discriminatory harassment complaints. You may seek informal help or information from the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office, or you may file a formal complaint. Information on the complaint process is provided below.
  4. Some forms of harassment may violate federal and state laws, and a complainant or respondent may choose to invoke external processes to resolve their grievances. Such individuals may contact the appropriate state and local agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office for Civil Rights,or the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights. Note: The university maintains a fair and responsive method for reporting and addressing complaints of discriminatory harassment. Prompt reporting and your assistance is critical to allow rapid response by the university and resolution of the objectionable behavior.

Responsibilities of those in a Supervisory Capacity: Vice Presidents, deans, department heads, managers, supervisors, Resident Directors, and Resident Assistants are responsible for communicating the university's policy on discriminatory harassment and are obligated to take action when they observe or hear of incidents that may violate this policy. A supervisor must:

  1. Provide information regarding the university's Discriminatory Harassment Policy and offer options for addressing a complaint.
  2. Take action suitable to the circumstances, which may include among other things, talking to persons involved or witnesses, examining other evidence, or arranging for training through the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office at (502) 852-6536.
  3. Contact the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office at (502) 852-6536 or (502) 852-6538, for assistance or to refer matters that have not been resolved.
  4. Ensure that persons who have raised concerns of discriminatory harassment in good faith are not subject to retaliation.
  5. Monitor situations that have been addressed, and follow-up if necessary.
  6. Record the complaint and submit to the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office. Include any action that was taken.

Note: Those in a supervisory capacity who do not appropriately handle reports or incidents of discriminatory harassment, or fail to report them to the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office, may be subject to disciplinary action.

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