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Affirmative Action

The mission of the Staff Development and employee relations unit includes:

a. Mediating disputes between university employees in conflict in order to facilitate communication of issues/expectations and/or resolve dispute.

b. Assisting persons with disabilities with fully participating in university employment and employment opportunities including conducting ADA investigations as requested.

c. Listening and advising staff concerning difficulties they are experiencing with respect to work and/or home issues/challenges.

d. Conduct construction site visits to ensure compliance with contract provisions relating to nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunity.

e. Preparing and presenting employee informational and other seminars to proactively address issues involving respect in the workplace, harassment, employment rights and responsibilities, or other workplace issues which might negatively impact positive employee relations.

f. Assisting staff and departments with family and medical leave issues and requests.

g. Administering the university commercial driver's license program to ensure we are in compliance with federal law.

h. Attend CODRE and Commission On Status Of Women meetings in order to receive and/or convey information.

i. Coordinate with vice provost for diversity and equal opportunity on diversity and other initiatives. Individuals who wish to contact the Staff Development and Employee Relations office can contact (502) 852-6536, 852-6538 or by email.

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