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HR leadership team member(s) responsible: Sam Connally, Vice President for Human Resources

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The mission of the human resource administration unit includes:

  • Providing leadership to the human resources department in order to meet established objectives and customer service expectations. Conduct investigations as required by law or as needed/requested in order to determine facts and take appropriate remedial action Coordinating pre-termination and appeal hearings to ensure due process is provided and policies are followed. Administer the university unemployment compensation program to ensure appropriate and timely compensation is madeConducting investigations as required by law or as needed/requested in order to determine facts and take appropriate remedial action. Advising departments on appropriate progressive discipline and other management actions in order to address/modify workplace issues and/or behavior. Provide supervisory training on Employment Law, Policies and Procedures, Harassment and Sexual Harassment.Provide backup on Dispute Mediation as appropriate.Recommend updates to university policies and procedures in order to streamline operations, comply with state or federal law, or to comply with board of trustees, president or other decision maker requests.
  • Attending monthly staff senate, Commission On Status Of Women, Commission On Diversity And Racial Equality, and periodically attending faculty senate meetings.

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Staff Development & Employee Relations

HR leadership team member responsible: Mary Elizabeth Miles

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The division of Staff Development & Employee Relations:

  • Conducts staff development workshops for all University employees.
  • Consults with departments regarding their specific training needs.
  • Maintains Human Resources’ Training Catalog.  Catalog contains an array of workshops available to all University employees. (Insert Link Here). 
  • Conducts investigations as required by law, policy or as needed.
  • Coordinates pre-termination and appeal hearings to ensure due process is provided and policies are followed. 
  • Administers the University unemployment compensation program.
  • Advises management on appropriate discipline levels and other management actions related to addressing performance and workplace conduct. 
  • Mediates disputes between university employees. 
  • Manages American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) interactive process.
  • Administers University commercial driver's license program to ensure compliance.
  • Manages faculty waiver process.

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HR leadership team members responsible: Dana Hummel (502) 852-8622

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The mission of the benefits administration unit includes:

  • Administering contracts with vendors to ensure that contract terms and conditions are fulfilled.
  • Preparing RFP's and managing the RFP process to secure benefits on terms favorable to the university or university employees.
  • Chairing/facilitating quarterly benefits committee meetings
  • Chairing/facilitating quarterly EAP committee meetings
  • Conducing needs assessment and satisfaction surveys of benefit offerings
  • Conducting informational sessions concerning benefit offerings including weekly new employee orientation, retirement seminars, etc.
  • Preparing written and other communication materials concerning benefit offerings for inclusion in university publications.
  • Assisting customers with claims and/or disputes with vendors.

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Employment Services

HR leadership team member(s) responsible: Paula Soder (502) 852-7909

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The mission of the employment services unit includes:

  • Establishing a recruiting process and system that results in the efficient and timely selection of qualified temporary and regular-status personnel for vacant university positions.
  • Establishing a classification system that allows for appropriate and timely selection and compensation of university positions.
  • Establishing a compensation system that is competitive externally and equitable internally.
  • Addressing documented underutilization of minorities and/or women in the workforce while allowing for periodic flexibility in hiring based on legitimate business needs.
  • Coordinating with operating units and HR organizational effectiveness as well as HR planning units to identify competencies and staffing plans so that adequate applicant pools can be established in time for anticipated need.

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Fiscal Services

HR leadership team member responsible: Lisa London (502) 852-4972

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The mission of the fiscal services unit includes:

  • Preparing and managing the department budget to ensure that authorized spending is not exceeded.
  • Reconciling invoices and accounts to ensure timely and appropriate payment.
  • Wiring to and/or receiving funds from vendors and entities to ensure timely and appropriate payments and receipts.
  • Filing and imaging documents and maintaining department file room to ensure security of documents and their timely retrieval upon request.
  • Assisting with procurement of goods and services for efficient and effective department operations.

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Human Resources Project Management

HR leadership team member responsible: Lois Templin (502) 852-7735
Customer Service Account

The mission of the human resource planning, project management, and evaluation unit includes:

  • Consulting with human resource department team members concerning the proactive establishment of project and other planning documents to facilitate the timely and efficient completion of projects.
  • Maintaining PeopleSoft security in order to safeguard integrity of data and restrict access as to information as appropriate.
  • Creating a database to track project plans and other commitments in order to provide reports which assist human resource units with meeting work obligations, commitments to stakeholders, and meeting project plan deadlines.
  • Preparing monthly reports for department leadership on status of projects and unit metrics.
  • Administering department stakeholder surveys and preparing periodic reports.
  • Creating workforce planning reports to assist university and department leadership with making policy and resource allocation decisions.
  • Researching and developing technological products and solutions to improve department operations and effectiveness.

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Organizational Effectiveness (formerly Staff Development & Wellness)

HR leadership team member responsible:

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The mission of the Organizational Effectiveness unit includes:

  • Identifying competencies needed by current or future workforce and identifying delivery strategies for competency acquisition by faculty and/or staff.
  • Creating and managing the human resource department customer service strategies across all operational units.
  • Creating, editing, and coordinating the dissemination of department wide communications involving human resource initiatives and deadlines.
  • Coordinating special human resources projects such as new employee orientation, the employee suggestion program, staff recognition program and luncheon, unit retreats, and faculty/staff mentoring initiatives.

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