Off Campus Student Resources

As our residents become more independent we know they will be moving on to more independent living situations.  Below are resources that can assist in making good decisions about an off campus apartment, roommate assistance, and links to local ordinances.

 Apartment Resources


Finding a compatible roommate and learning to live together in harmony can take some work.  Below are some resources to help facilitate a harmonious environment.

  • Establishing an understanding of how you will deal with certain situations can help resolve conflicts before they start.
  • If you have lived on campus, then you probably already know someone you want to live with, if not Off Campus Housing provides a section for students to find other students as roommates.
  • provides a good guide for how to find a compatible roommate.

Lease Signing Workshop

Will you being living off campus next year? This free 30-45 minute presentation covers all aspects of the apartment search and everything you will need to understand before signing a lease.  In this workshop, you will learn the difference between an Affiliate and non-affiliated property, understand your rights as a tenant, and how to live off campus successfully. To schedule a Lease Signing Workshop for your residence hall, RSO, or office, please contact Campus Housing at .

Government Regulations

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