Campus Housing FAQs

Some of our most frequently asked questions, answered.

I would like to apply for housing, but I am financially unable to pay the application fee. Is there anything you can do to waive this payment?

     Campus Housing does not waive the housing application fee in full, but when you reach that step in the application, you may request a reduction from $100 to $50 by selecting the Fee Reduction Request option. Students who had their University application fee waived will have their request approved. Students requesting a waiver will be notified by email once their request has been processed.

Can I stay in my residence hall during breaks and holidays?

     Our residence halls remain open during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks. There are no additional charges for staying during those periods. If you'd like to stay with us over the summer, you must apply separately from the Fall/Spring semesters (excluding students in Full Year agreements in Cardinal Towne and University Pointe).

Are pets allowed in the residence halls?

     Pets are not allowed in any of the residence halls. Service animals and emotional support animals are allowed with proper documentation and approval through the Disability Resource Center. For more information, please review the Service and Emotional Support Animal Policy as well as the Disability Resource Center's page. 

I don't smoke. Are there non-smoking halls?

     All Campus Housing residence halls are smoke-free. If you see or smell smoke, notify your front desk staff. For further reference, please see the University's Non-Smoking Policy.

Do residents usually bring cars to campus?

     All students at UofL are eligible to purchase parking passes, though those passes may be limited. All parking passes and lots are managed by University Parking. For more information about parking, including how to purchase a pass, please visit the Parking Office site. 

How far are the halls from classes?

     Depending on where your hall is located, it may take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to get to your scheduled classes. Academic buildings may be right outside your hall or further into campus. Many freshman dorms such as Miller and Threlkeld are situated close to the Belknap Academic Building, as well as the Humanities quad and Elkstrom Library.

Can I post a flyer in the residence hall?

     Any signage intended to be posted in any residence hall must first be approved by Campus Housing. Visit our Marketing Request Form page for more info.

How do I pay for my housing?

     ULink is where you can pay any balance due to the University, including Campus Housing. In the Student Services tab, Under Tuition-Fees-Payment Options, click Make a Payment, find your balance and pay via credit card or e-check. A personal check or money order may be mailed to the Bursar's Office, or completed in person in the the Bursar's Office. For more information, check out the Bursar's Office website.

Is there a curfew in the halls?

     There is no curfew for any of our residence halls, however, every fall follows Courtesy and Quiet Hours and our Campus Housing Noise Policy. 

Courtesy and Quiet Hours reflect our community standards and the expectation that our halls will remain conducive to academic success. Courtesy Hours are in effect at all times, while Quiet Hours begin at 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday nights, and end at 08:00 AM every morning. Check out our Residence Hall Policies page for more detailed information.

Do I have to sign up for a meal plan?

     All undergraduate student at the University of Louisville are required to have a meal plan. The amount of your required meal plan will be dependent on where you live, either on or off campus. Visit the Campus Dining website for more info, including what types of meal plans are offered and their cost. 

How do you get into the halls?

     For the security of our residents, residence halls entrances are equipped with card readers. Your UofL student ID will be activated upon move-in for the hall in which you reside. Guests and residents from other halls must be accompanied by the resident at all times.

If your card does not work for your hall or has been lost, please contact the Cardinal Card office at (502) 852-7520 (replacement fees apply if a new card is needed). More information can be found on the Cardinal Card website, here.

Why didn't I get my first preference and/or first choice for the hall I selected?

     Any incoming freshman who applied before the priority deadline of April 1st, 2019 was guaranteed either their preferred roommate or one of their four housing choices. If you did not receive your first pick in housing, it is because that residence hall had already been filled with students who applied for housing first. We have a limited number of suite and apartment style rooms for our students, and they are the first to fill up since they are in high demand.

Is there any way to automatically pay for housing?

     Housing & Residential Education does not offer automatic payments. To inquire about payment plans and options, you can contact the Bursar’s office at (502) 852-6503 or their website, at

Is there housing available for graduate students on campus?

     There is no specific residence hall for graduate students, however graduate students are welcome to apply for housing available to upperclassmen. These halls are Bettie Johnson Hall, Cardinal Towne, University Pointe, University Tower Apartments, and the Medical-Dental Apartments. More information about our Upper-Class housing can be found here.

What do I do if I lose the key to my room/suite/apartment or am locked out?

     If you do not have your room key, please visit the front desk at your residence hall for assistance. The desks are staffed 24-hours for your safety and convenience. A key request will be made for a replacement; there may be a cost for replacing lost keys.

When can I apply for UofL campus housing?

You must be admitted to the university to apply for campus housing. Students are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to complete your application early in order to secure a room in your hall of choice. The online application for the fall semester is usually available by October or November of the previous year. Applications for Spring Only are usually available by October of the previous year. Applications for Summer are typically available in March or April of the contract year.

How do I cancel my housing contract?

All housing contract cancellations must be done by filling out a Cancellation Request form. It is your responsibility to cancel your housing contract before cancellation deadlines to avoid charges if you decide not to attend UofL. To cancel your contract, please go to and select the Cancellation Request form. Then, fill out the appropriate cancellation form. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your contract for cancellation deadline and cancellation fees that may apply. Please note that your housing application is not automatically cancelled when you inform other offices that you will not be attending the university. For further information on cancellations, please contact campus Housing at (502) 852-6636 or email our service account at

How do you make room assignments?

     Because we are past the priority period for both incoming freshman and upper-level students, room assignments are being made off of cancellations of bed spaces. We are unable to guarantee any roommate, room type, or building preferences at this time (post freshman orientation session 12).

Two weeks after the first day of classes, students will be able to put in a room change request for a different assignment. Those room change requests will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

How does roommate matching work? Can I request to live with someone I know?

     As of Fall 2019, we do not offer any roommate services or questionnaires. However, when a student completes an application, they can put a preferred roommate's information. Preferred roommates are not guaranteed, but the requests will be considered based on availability. 

We do have several Living-Learning and Themed Community options for our students wanting to live near others with similar majors or interests to themselves. More information about our LLCs can be found on our website here:

**This page will  be updated continuously. Check back with us soon!**