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Mission Statement



Housing and Residence Life promotes a safe, convenient, inclusive, and healthy living-learning environment which provides opportunities that help engage students, facilitate student and faculty connections and encourage student success

Customer Service Motto:

Count On Us! Lending Hands, Opening Minds, Touching Hearts

Core Values

Housing and Residence Life’s mission includes a focus on safety, comfort and academic success.  The core values of our program mirror that mission.

  • Student Focus – Our residents come first.
  • Respect – We demonstrate fairness, consistency and compassion in our interactions with others.
  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves at all times in a professional and ethical manner.  Honesty and openness are hallmarks of the way we conduct our business.
  • Caring for Community – Developing comfortable places to live and learn, while providing students opportunities to learn civic responsibility.
  • Intentionality – We are singly focused on making every interaction with our residents count.  Staff are trained to have intrusive conversations with students to enable them to more effectively assist students with issues that may be affecting their experience at UofL.


Student Learning Outcomes

·         Complex cognitive skills such as reflection and critical thinking - Provide opportunities for applying knowledge learned in the classroom

·         The ability to apply knowledge to practical problems encountered in ones vocation, family or other areas of life.

o    Become knowledgeable on university and community resources

o    Enhance leadership skills through structured and on-the-job experiences

o    Identify individual strengths and weaknesses

o    Practice time management skills

o    Gain professional work experience

·         An understanding and appreciation of human differences - Learn to bring people together in a community that recognizes individual differences and talents

·         Practical competence skills such as decision making and conflict resolution.

o    Develop and enhance interpersonal and communication skills

o    Develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills

o    Learn the importance of ethical leadership

o    Develop staff supervision and management skills

·         A coherent integrated sense of identity, self-esteem, confidence, integrity, aesthetic     sensibilities and civic responsibilities - Learn the importance of creating social networks and working as a team

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