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Assignment Policy

The University reserves the right to make assignments of space, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, to consolidate vacancies and to require a student to move from one room or on campus residence hall to another, in an attempt to achieve a more effective residence hall program. A student's past disciplinary record as a resident or involvement with law enforcement agencies may cause his/her application for housing to be denied or canceled prior to its beginning date. Should you have a specific request, it must be included on the original application. Students who desire to room together should file applications together.

Single parents under 21 are eligible to live in University Tower Apartments if space is available.  The standard semester single occupant rate will apply and the parent will be required to participate in the apartment meal plan.  All other families are assigned to Med-Dent Apartments on the Health Sciences Campus.

University of Louisville offers different levels of co-ed living environments.  In the traditional halls, the wings or floors are separated in secured areas by sex.  In the suites they are co-ed by suite (males and females can live next to each other but not in the same suite).  Bettie Johnson Hall Apartments and University Tower Apartments are co-ed within the unit.  BJH and UTA residents are required to pay the per bed rate. 

In order to have a co-ed apartment written consent from all the residents in the unit must be on file prior to move in. If one resident moves out of the unit, the written consent process begins again, so that all residents of the unit are in agreement with the co-ed living environment.  If written consent is not obtained prior to move in, the University will relocate all residents of the unit to single sex living environments, which may not be in the same type of unit or building.  

Criminal Record

We reserve the right to deny, cancel or remove from on campus housing, individuals who provide false information as part of the application process, individuals with a documented history of violent behavior, and/or individuals whose histories or behaviors demonstrate an inability to function within a community environment of the residence halls. We further reserve the right to verify any information provided by applicants that is available on public record.

Student Status

Students residing on campus are expected to maintain a full-time student status - twelve (12) hours undergraduate or nine (9) hours graduate credit. You are required to notify the Housing Office or University of Louisville Properties as soon as you assume part-time status.  On Campus Housing may cancel a student’s residence hall agreement for dropping below full-time status, once we are made aware of the change.

Financial Status

Students residing on campus are expected to maintain good standing with the University.  That includes being in good financial standing.  Students must pay their tuition, fees, housing and meal plan charges to the University Bursar’s office.  Students who have not paid all or a portion of the aforementioned to the University will be subject to removal from on campus housing.  On Campus Housing may cancel a student for non-payment and may limit future on campus housing assignments.


Full cancellation penalties will apply to any student who is cancelled for any reason.  Refunds and/or reductions may be issued pending a decision from the Appeal Committee, should the student choose to appeal.  Residents who lose their student status or fail to satisfy their financial accounts will be denied access to the facility including but not limited to a change of room door locks.  Please see Cancellation Policy for the full policy and explanation of penalties

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