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Summer Application Instructions

  1. If you have never applied for housing and are not currently living on campus, please follow the instructions on How to Apply for Housing otherwise follow the instructions below.
  2. Log into
  3. Click on the Summer Application and License Link
  4. Click on Summer Application
  5. Select the term you would like housing for
    1. Move in and move out dates are based on the terms you select.
  6. Review the Profile information, if any of this is incorrect, go back to Profile Information and correct the information.
  7. Click on next.
  8. Select your building and room type preferences. 
  9. Click on the Next button
    1.  The next page will attempt to match you with a preferred roommate.
  10. If you have a specific roommate request please enter their student ID number.  Their name should pop up under Roommate Name as long as they have already submitted an application.  
    1. If their name doesn’t appear, verify the number.  
      1. If an assignment has already been made for your roommate preference, we will not be able to honor this request.
    2.  If you wish to share a suite with selected roommates, you all must request each other.  If you do not, we will not be able to honor the requests.
  11. If you do not have a specific roommate in mind, you can fill out the roommate matching criteria.  The system will attempt to match like to like.  Note, this is not a guarantee that you will be assigned a person with similar preferences. 
  12. Click on the Continue button
  13. On the next page, review your information.  If any is incorrect, click on the redo button.
  14. If you are satisfied with the information, print the page.
  15.  Click on the Continue button
  16. Last, you will need to fill out the summer license agreement.
  17. Click on Summer Application and License
  18. Click on Sign License
  19. Select your summer term from the Application Period drop down box.
  20. This will make boxes appear next to links as well as a signature line.
  21.  Please read the information, then type your initials in each box and type your name in the signature line.
  22. Click on update
  23. Congratulations, your summer application is complete!
  24. You will hear from our office soon about your assignment.
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