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Decorating my Room

You are encouraged to make your room as comfortable and "homey" as possible.  The building staff will assist you by providing ideas; however,  certain guidelines must be followed for reasons of appearance and safety.   Any damage done to the paint, surfaces or furnishings due to personalization will be charged to the resident.  The following guidelines should be followed:

  • All university furniture provided at check-in must remain in the room/apartment.
  • Furnishings provided by the student must be freestanding; personal bunk beds must offer a clearance of 36" from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.
  • Loft style structures will not be permitted.  If intereted in a loft, please contact the Housing Office for information about the Bedloft System which is approved for your space. 
  • Furniture is to remain upright and not stacked.  Bed ends are not to be inverted.
  • Furniture can be taken apart as long as it is stored within the room and reassembled before checking out.
  • Cinder blocks or other bed elevating devices are not permitted.  Commercial bed risers that meet Housing requirements are permitted.
  • Liquid filled furniture is not permitted because of the extra weight and danger of damage to property.
  • Painting or wallpaper is not permitted in any hall.
  • Any rewiring of current fixtures or addition of new is not permitted.
  • Personal mirrors may not be attached to furniture or walls
  • Residence Hall windows and doorways are visible to the greater community.  Therefore, the Housing Office reserves the right to ask residents to remove items displayed to the community that may be considered offensive by one or more persons, and that potentially create a hostile environment or unreasonably interfere with an individual's acadmeic performance.


Please be fire safety conscious. Remember:

  • Natural trees are not permitted in any of the residence halls.
  • Do not use boughs or wreaths cut from natural trees.
  • Carefully inspect electrical decorations for frayed cords or exposed metal parts and dispose of those with defects.
  • Use only non-combustible materials such as foil, glass, and metal when decorating doors and walls.
  • Only 20% of a door can be covered.  Check with your RD for the code.
  • Please do not hang any things outside windows or on balconies.
  • Candles and incense are prohibited.
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