Transfer Student TC

The Transfer Student Community serves transfer students as they make their transition to the University of Louisville.

Targeting incoming transfer students, this community connects students who share the transfer experience, and provides timely resources for them as they acclimate to a new campus. The community prioritizes helping these new Cardinals succeed at the University of Louisville. This community will be housed in Cardinal Towne. More information about Cardinal Towne can be found here! Also, please check out our Transfer Community advertisement for extra information!

Who can apply to the Transfer Student Community?

What are the benefits of participating in the Transfer Student Community?

  • Specialized programming to assist in the transition to the University of Louisville
  • Students in themed communities tend to have higher levels of academic achievement than their peers who are not in themed communities
  • Stronger social networks with other University of Louisville students
  • Guaranteed living space in Cardinal Towne

For any additional questions related to the Transfer Student Community, please contact Taylor U'Sellis at  or (502)-852-4958.

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