Sport Business

students smiling wearing cardinal t-shirts and throwing up their L for Louisville


Designed with business and sport administration majors in mind, this living learning community (LLC) is for second-year students interested in a career related to sport business. Through professional development events, community building, and some common classes, these students will be better prepared to launch into internships and careers, and begin building a sport business career. This community is in partnership with the College of Business.

Location:  Bettie Johnson

Advisors:  and


  • Live with and engage with other second year students interested in the career of sport business on the daily.
  • Year-long mentorship program with upperclass sport administration and business majors and alumni.
  • Ability to connect with faculty and staff within the sport administration and business departments outside of class and advising.
  • Networking with community partners and professionals in the sport business realm.
  • Establish graduation plan for a career in sport business.
  • Learn about the multitude of sport business career options available for internships and post-graduation jobs.
  • Connect with the University of Louisville Career Development Center for professional and career development.

Who can apply?

Any second year student who is interested in the career of sport business. Students must currently have a business major with a sport administration minor OR a sport administration major (ideally with a business minor) in order to be applicable for the LLC and take the required courses. If a student does not currently have this declared major/minor, they need to be planning to switch and/or add a sport administration major/minor within their first semester in the LLC.

Required Courses


  • ECON 201 (3)
  • SPAD 281 (3)
  • SPAD 284 (3)


  • ECON 202 (3)
  • SPAD 382 (3)
  • SPAD 383 (3)