Public Health and Wellbeing LLC

This LLC brings together students who want to pursue a career in public health and/or those who want to join a community that values whole-person wellbeing.

Wordcloud for Public Health and Wellbeing LLCThe Public Health and Wellbeing LLC aims to support students on a path of intentional resilience building, and will offer opportunities to develop the range of wellbeing--mental/emotional, physical, social, and community. This community is housed in Community Park. Learn more about Community Park here.

Who can apply for the Public Health and Wellbeing LLC?

  • Incoming first-year students majoring in Public Health or are interested in maximizing their own wellbeing
    • Optional: students majoring in a health sciences degree (pre-nursing, med, dental, Health & Sports Sciences).
  • If you are interested in applying, please fill out the housing application. After completing the housing application, please complete the Living-Learning Community/Themed Community Interest Form.

What are the benefits of participating in the Public Health and Wellbeing LLC?

  • Peer mentor to support and assist with transition to college life and those students considering a health sciences major (optional)
  • Tutors in your residence hall to assist you with homework and studying for tests
  • Opportunities to learn from public health faculty, professionals, and Health Promotion staff outside of the classroom setting
  • Social outings to engage with greater Louisville area offerings of music, art, and nature

Required courses for the Public Health Community:


  • PHUN 100: Majoring in Public Health (1 credit hour)
  • Social Behavior (3-6 credit hours)
    • PHUN 101: Intro to Public Health (3 credit hours) (recommended for non-Public Health majors as well) (SB)
    • PHPB 301: Health Equity (3 credit hours) (SBD1) (recommended for non-Public Health majors as well)


  • GEN 204: Leadership & Career Development (1 credit hour) (recommended for non-Public Health majors as well)
  • PHPH 301: Global Public Health (3 credit hours) (SBHD2)

Required Courses for the Wellbeing Community

Spring (1-2 credit hours)

  • HSS 150: Mindfulness and Stress Resilience (1 credit hour) (recommended for Public Health majors as well)
  • HSS 150: Sexual Health and Relationships (1 credit hour)

For any additional questions related to the Public Health and Wellbeing Community, please contact Jenna El-Masri at or 502.852.0173.