Honors Science LLC

The University of Louisville Honors Science Living Learning Community brings together students wishing to pursue a career in natural sciences (math, physics, chemistry, biology, chemical engineering or bioengineering) or a health-related profession (medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc.). This residential community offers you the opportunity to participate in a dynamic, engaging Honors environment. Moreover, it fosters the exploration of these career paths through courses, programming, services, and connections to campus and community resources. This community will be housed in Threlkeld Honors Residence Hall and is open to first year students only.

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As a student in this community you can expect to receive the following services:

  • supplemental academic support sessions during the evening to assist you with homework and studying for tests;
  • opportunities to meet faculty outside the classroom setting;
  • academic programs to assist you in becoming more successful as a student;
  • academic advising sessions with an Honors Academic Counselor;
  • social activities to assist you in getting to know community members better.

Course Cluster

The course cluster for the Honors Science Living Learning Community (LLC) meets General Education and/or Arts & Sciences requirements whether or not you change majors and whether or not you are currently enrolled in your major.  While these courses are core requirements, joining this LLC guarantees placement in the popular Honors Chemistry and labs.

Arts & Sciences Students

  • Fall: Honors Chemistry 201/207/208, Honors Humanities 152, and Honors ENGR 101
  • Spring: no required courses

Additional Benefits

  • guaranteed living space in Threlkeld Honors Residence Hall
  • guaranteed registration in Honors Chemistry and labs
  • Resident Assistant familiar with Honors program and LLC experience
"The LLC is awesome and I highly recommend it.  You make friends with the same classes as you do and they make great study buddies.  you have alot in common with them from your interests to your classes."  -Mariah Moore, class of 2017
"The LLC provided the perfect environment for me to meet other students who shared the same goals as me.  As a result I met two of my best friends who not only help me study, but also help me relax.  Without the LLC, I wouldn't be the happy and successful student I am today."  -Jacqui Sippel, class of 2016

This community is no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 academic year.

Science LLC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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