Global Village

image of international students smiling and american students studying abroad

The Global Village TC provides students the opportunity to make the Global Village their home throughout their undergraduate or graduate life, enabling them to take full advantage of the opportunities it affords to (1) learn more about world cultures and languages, (2) make life-long international friends, (3) explore and share complex international issues, and (4) engage in on and off-campus global experiences. This residential community helps to promote a welcoming and intercultural environment through educational, social, and cross-cultural programming through the living and learning community. The TC serves both international and domestic students by facilitating international education and fostering a global campus community. It also connects students across national boundaries and empowers members to become engaged actors of the UofL community.

Who can apply?

  • Any student interested in a global footprint 

What are the member benefits?

  • Increased opportunity to help international students meet other international and American students and adapt to life on campus
  • Increased opportunities to promote cultural sharing and make life-long globe-trotting friends
  • Increased opportunities to expand worldviews, hone intercultural skills, and build relationships within a multicultural, multinational, and multidisciplinary community
  • Increased understanding of, and engagement in, global issues, values, and its importance
  • Increased opportunities to gain an interdisciplinary, integrated learning experience that holistically equips students to become ethical, engaged, and responsible world citizens.


This TC is housed in Miller Hall.

For any additional questions related to the Global Village community, please contact Thomas Beard at and Virginia Hosono at Click here for more information on the International Center.