Thriving and Innovation through Leadership and Entrepreneurship ("TILE") LLC

You must be admitted to the College of Business to participate in this LLC. Pre-Business students are not eligible to apply.

This community is designed for students majoring in business who want to develop their individual leadership style, while engaging with leaders, entrepreneurs, and your LLC cohort of future business professionals. In this LLC, we will also emphasize the importance of academic engagement, navigating life’s transitions, and how to use innovation to solve problems. Participants of the LLC will live on the same floor, take classes together, and receive specialized programming focusing on academics, business careers, and social engagement.

This community is housed in Louisville Hall. Learn more about Louisville Hall.
Who can apply for the COB TILE LLC?
Required courses:
  • Camp 100 – Academic Orientation (1 hour)
  • CIS 205 – Information Systems in Organizations (3 hours)
  • CIS 305 – Data Analysis for Decision Making (3 hours)
What are the benefits of participating in the COB TILE Community?
  • Assistance in transition from high school to college, both academically and socially
  • Academic programs and guidance to assist you in becoming more successful as a student
  • Opportunities to meet with faculty, advisors, mentors and business leaders in a social and professional setting
  • Programming designed to help students discover their strengths, develop grit, and learn how to solve problems with innovation

For any additional questions related to the COB Thriving and Innovation LLC, please contact Shelley Tewell at  or (502) 852-2806. You can also contact Katie Etheridge at or (502)-852-4806.