Black Male Initiative LLC

The Black Male Initiative Living Learning Community is a collaboration between the Cultural Center and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The community will be comprised of 20 students that will participate in structured learning experiences by taking two to four classes together, and participate in the Black Male Initiative (BMI) during their first year. BMI consists of academic engagement, mentor support, peer connection, and student involvement.  Additionally, students in the living learning community will have access to leadership and professional development services via BMI programming. BMI seeks to foster a connection to campus as well as provide a support system for Black men at UofL. Moreover, the BMI Living Leaning Community will assist students in nurturing relationships with Black Faculty and Staff at the University. This community is housed in Miller Hall. Learn more about Miller Hall here.

Who can apply for the BMI Community?

Required courses for the BMI:

  • Gen 100
  • PAS 200
  • ENG 101
  • Poly Sci 111

What are the benefits of participating in the BMI Community?

  • Programming designed for Black men to foster a fruitful transition to collegiate success
  • One-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Increased opportunities for strong relationships with faculty and staff.
  • Life skill based events and programs designed to empower Black men.
  • Opportunities for peer networking.
  • Access to some ticketed sporting events.

For any additional questions related to the Black Male Initiative Community, please contact Brandyn Bailey at .