Special Accommodations

The Housing and Residence Life Office will attempt to provide housing accommodations that meet the needs of students with unique requirements within a safe environment.

Application Process

Students with unique requirements who may need special accommodations must indicate their accommodation requirements on the housing application or as soon as they are aware of the requirement once the application has been submitted.  Students are also encouraged to contact a member of the housing staff to discuss housing options and modifications.  To aid the process of accommodating special requests, application information should include the following:

* Documentation of the disability/requirement that is the basis for the request;
* A clear description of the desired housing adaptation or accommodation;
* An explanation of how the request impacts the disability;
* An indication of the level of need for the requested adaptation or accommodation; and
* Possible alternatives if the requested adaptation or accommodation is not possible.

Housing may consult with The Disability Resource Center staff to verify requested adoptions or accommodations.

A student requesting private accommodations due to a disability will first have to meet with the Disability Resource Center to receive a recommendation for such accommodation.  The Disability Resource Center staff may refer the student to the Student Health Services Center if the condition indicated is medically based.  Housing will attempt to honor the recommendation made by either center.

Campus residency is not required nor guaranteed to University of Louisville students, therefore it is important to submit applications early.  It is essential that the application clearly state the accommodations being requested.  Housing processes applications on a first-come first-serve basis by date of receipt of the application and the application fee.

* For the upcoming Fall Term, it is recommended that applications and fees are received by April 1st.
* For Spring Term, it is recommended that applications and fees are received by November 1st.
* For Summer Terms, it is recommended that applications and fees are received by March 1st.

Notification of room assignments for students with disabilities:

The Housing and Residence Life Office compiles a list at the beginning of each semester of the students who have identified disabilities or specific medical conditions.  This list is updated and distributed throughout the semester as changes are reported.  The list provides the student's name, housing assignment, and a brief description of the particular disability.

It is the student's responsibility to report on his/her application any disability that may require special accommodation or assistance.  If the condition is not known until after the application has been submitted, the student, parents or advocates should notify the Housing Office of the disability.

The list is distributed to the Department of Public Safety, The Disability Resource Center, the Assistant Vice President for Student Life, and the Housing and Residence Life staff.  The Department of Public Safety is responsible for referring to the list if a particular building is in emergency status and will provide specific information to the fire department or any other emergency response team who will assist individuals as needed.

Facility Modifications:

Some housing facilities have been modified to provide restroom accessibility features such as grab bars, roll in showers, and shower seats for students with physical disabilities.  Visual alarms for deaf/hard of hearing students are also installed in some areas.

Appeal of assignment received or modifications offered:

There are three options available to students who feel the accommodations offered are not satisfactory:

* The student may request to move to another space that may better meet the requested needs.  Room changes may be requested by completing a form in the Housing and Residence Life Office. The student should talk with a Housing staff member to clarify why the room change is being requested and what accommodations are needed.  Room changes are granted as the space is available on a first-come first-serve basis.

* The student may request to have specific modifications completed or installed in his/her assigned room.  Requests for modification of space should be submitted in writing to the Assistant Director for Housing Facilities in the Housing and Residence Life Office. The Assistant Director may discuss the modification with the Disability Resource Center staff. The request should address the following issues:

  • Is there a negative health impact that may be permanent if the request is not met?
  • What is the likely impact on academic performance if the request is not met?
  • What is the likely impact on social development if the request is not met?
  • What is the likely impact on the student's level of comfort if the request is not met?

The decision will be based on the questions listed above as well as the following feasibility and availability issues:

  • Is space available that meets the student's needs?
  • Can the requested modification be made in the area where the student is assigned?
  • Can space be adapted to provide the requested modification without creating a safety hazard (electrical load, emergency egress, etc.)?
  • Are there other effective methods or housing modifications that would achieve similar benefits as the requested modification?
  • Is the cost of meeting the request prohibitive?

The student may request to cancel the housing application and choose to live in an off-campus facility.
Cancellation of Housing should be submitted by completing the cancellation form available in the Housing and Residence Life Office. A student's cancellation due to a lack of requested accommodations will receive a refund of rent beginning with the date the student properly checks out of the assigned space.  This is based on a daily rate.

A student may submit a written appeal of an assignment or decision made by the Housing Office to the Assistant Vice President of Student Life, Swain Student Activities Center, Room W302.  852-5787

Cancellation of Housing:

If Housing and Residence Life is unable to provide the accommodations requested by a student, the student may complete the Cancellation Request Form.  The cancellation will be approved with no penalty to the student as long as appropriate documentation is included.

Support Resources:

The Disability Resource Center. University of Louisville. Stevenson Hall, room 119. (502) 852-6938. Visit theDisability Resource Center.
Center for Accessible Living.  Local support center (502) 589-6620.  The Center maintains some listings of local accessible housing.

Americans with Disabilities Act Grievances:

General  questions and information regarding ADA or 504 can be addressed to: Cathy Patus, Director of the Disability Resource Center

Formal Complaints should be addressed in writing to:

Affirmative Action Office, Human Resources Building

  • Formal complaints against students can be filed under the Student Code of Conduct with Dean of Students (3 rd Floor SAC) in writing
  • Mediation can be coordinated through Housing
  • If a situation involves possible criminal conduct or any personal safety issue, contact the Department of Public Safety 852-6111