VoIP Phones

Each residence hall room has one VoIP (Voice over IP) phone.  Please NOTE:  regular phones will not operate on the lines in your room. The phones work over an internet connection and provide many excellent features for our residents.  The main features provided are:

  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Call
  • Caller ID

The phone is plugged into a port 1D in the room and another Ethernet cord is attached to the phone. If there are two computers in the room, one of the computers will need to use this Ethernet cord to connect to the internet. DO NOT UNPLUG THE PHONE. This phone is part of the University Emergency Broadcast System and is one of the methods by which you will be notified of emergencies.

The phones are extremely costly.  Be cautious. You will be charged for damages. The replacement/repair cost for the phone is $200.

If you have any problems with your phone, please call the help desk at 852-7997.

Long Distance Calls

Due to low usage, long distance services are not available in the residence halls.  If you need to make a long distance call from your residence hall room, you will either need to make an operator assisted call (dial 0) or use a calling card. Phone lines are blocked so residents will not be able to sign up for long distance services on the residence hall phones.  Before purchasing a calling card, investigate if the company will charge the card as if you were using it from a pay phone due to these blocks.

Harassing Phone Calls

Students who have problems with harassing phone calls should contact DPS at 852-6111 to make a report. They will be asked to keep a log of the calls to document a pattern of abuse.

Telephone Abuse

Students  are responsible for the appropriate use of the phone services in their rooms.  Any usage charged to your university telephone number such as collect calls, 900 calls or credit card calls will be the responsibility of the resident. The university will cooperate with the phone company to investigate any abuse.  Students with outstanding charges will be subject to university disciplinary procedures, loss of phone privileges and/or reimbursement for charges. Tampering with telephone hardware is prohibited.