ADA Accommodations within Facilities

University of Louisville has developed a number of residential options to accommodate the most profound mobility impairments.  The needs of most other residents with disabilities can be accommodated in standard student housing with specific modifications made for the individual's needs.  Accommodations can be made available on the 1st floor of some halls if needed by the student.

Residents with disabilities are requested to contact the Disability Resource Center, which is charged with coordinating the needs of students with disabilities between all university departments.  The Disability Resource Center will make recommendations to the Housing Office on how to accommodate particular students.

Housing options include:

  • Fully accessible student rooms with accessible common bathroom shared with other residents on the floor
  • fully accessible student suites with fully equipped private bathrooms
  • Rooms with private bathrooms but not necessarily wheelchair- accessible
  • Rooms equipped with special devices for the hearing impaired and air conditioned rooms

Please visit ourSpecial Accommodationspage to better understand how to make a request.