Center Hall

Closes Summer 2015. Will not be an option for residents starting Fall 2015.

Center Hall houses our leadership living learning community. We will provide residents with the opportunity to explore the value of service to the community and to increase their leadership potential through a diverse set of opportunities. This is a unique experience not available to every University of Louisville student, and SPACE IS LIMITED. It is located on the west side of campus on 3rd Street and is a part of the Complex. Center Hall features traditional, double-occupancy rooms with a community bath on each floor.

  • Up to 36 students per floor
  • Visitation limited to noon to midnight on weeknights - this is for the Fall semester only, a vote by residents can change it in the Spring
  • Carpeted resident rooms
  • Laundry located on the 1st floor and basement
  • Kitchens located on the first floor and basement


  • Room
    • Width 11' 5"
    • Length 15' 6"
    • Window Width 3' 2"
  • Bed
    • Length 87"
    • Width 38"
    • Clearance under the bed 12"
  • Wardrobe
    • Height 76"
    • Hanger area 58"
    • 2 Dresser Drawers
      • Height 7"
      • Length 36"
      • Depth 24"
  • Desk
    • Height 30"
    • Length 41 1/2"
    • Width 24"

* Measurements are an approximation. While each room is equipped with the same kinds of furniture (beds, desks, chairs, etc.) There could be small variances in sizes of the furniture and the size of the room itself. Bed size and clearance is accurate.