Louisville Hall

Louisville Hall houses first-year students and is located on Fourth Street on the west side of campus. It is conveniently located behind the Ville Grill, UofL's all-you-can-eat dining facility. The co-ed residence hall houses approximately 220 students, and amenities include laundry facilities on each floor, a lounge with pool table and TV, and community kitchen areas throughout the building. The hall offers 24-hour desk reception. Additional features include:

* two- or three-bedroom suites
* double rooms
* private rooms
* At least one bathroom located in each suite on the first-fifth floors
* Private bath per room on sixth floor



Room Measurements

  • BedFigure depicting a sing-occupancy bedroom in Louisville Hall.
    • Length 87"
    • Width 38"
    • Clearance under the bed 12"
  • Wardrobe
    • Height 76"
    • Hanger area 58"
    • 2 Dresser drawers
      • Length 36"
      • Height 7"
      • Depth 24"
  • Desk
    • Height 30"Figure depicting a double-occupancy bedroom in Louisville Hall.
    • Length 41 1/2"
    • Width 24"
  • Living Room
    • Sofa
      • Height 25"
      • Length 49"
      • Width 21"
    • Chair
      • Depth 20"
    • Table
      • 30"

Figure depicting a second style of single-occupancy bedroom in Louisville Hall * Measurements are an approximation. While each room is equipped with the same kinds of furniture (beds, desks, chairs, etc.) There could be small variances in sizes of the furniture and the size of the room itself. Bed size and clearance is accurate.