University Tower Apartments Move-In

Address: 2000 Unity Place Louisville, KY 40208 (502) 854-4632

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Move-In Information

Students living in UTA can rent microchills, bed lofts, and safes as well as purchase futons from our approved vendor, College Products. Each apartment in UTA is supplied with a refrigerator.

Move-In Times by Floor

Move In Dates and Times: University Tower Apartments (UTA)


Check out our directions map here!

University Tower Apartments Staff

Hall Director: TBD

Resident Assistant (RA) staff:

Brittany Greenwell - 2nd floor

Connor Derouen - 4th floor

Ashley Lanham - 6th floor

Trevor Angel - 8th floor

Tariq Onodu - 9th floor

Elton Joseph - 10th floor

Abigail Betts - 11th floor