Before Move In

Important information to know before move-in day

Greetings, and welcome to Campus Housing at the University of Louisville! We're so excited to have you living with us for the Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 academic year, and we're counting down the days until Move-In Day!

Before you dive in to information regarding Move-In Day, please review the important pre-move-in information listed below. This information covers important topics, such as Laundry Service, WiFi information, and more.

Balance on Student Account

If you have a balance on your account, you are not permitted to move in.

Only students who have a student account that has a net balance of zero will be allowed to move in. Students who have a delinquent account (a net balance of more than zero) will not be allowed to move in. Campus Housing encourages all students to check their account status and verify their net balance, which will include anticipated aid. To do so, students should:

  • Log in to their ULink account
  • Click on the "Student Services" tab
  • In the middle column ("Tuition-Fees-Payment Options"), click on "Account"

For any questions regarding their student account balance, please contact the Bursar's Office at 502.852.6503 or via their website. For any questions regarding financial aid/anticipated aid, students should contact the Financial Aid Office at 502.852.5511 or via their website.

Laundry Services

Washers and dryers are provided in the apartments at Cardinal Towne and University Pointe. For all other halls, paid laundry services are available in laundry rooms located throughout the buildings.

Paid laundry services are provided in the following residence halls:

  • Bettie Johnson Hall
  • Billy Minardi Hall
  • Community Park
  • Kurz Hall
  • Louisville Hall
  • Medical-Dental Apartments
  • Miller Hall
  • Thrlekeld Hall
  • Unitas Tower
  • University Tower Apartments

Each students receives 2 wash cycles and 2 dry cycles for free weekly! After the free wash cycles and dry cycles are used, the cost is $1.50 per load to wash and $1.50 per load to dry. Students can pay for laundry with coins or via the FREE smartphone app, Speed Queen!

Speed Queen is available to download from your app store (both iOS and Google Play). The app allows you to:

  • Pay for your laundry by connecting to a debit/credit card
  • See machine availability
  • View machines in use and exact time remaining until the end of the cycle
  • Add additional time to your drying cycle
  • Request an email or text when your laundry is complete
  • Report broken machines and request refunds

For directions on how to download and use Speed Queen, visit our Laundry Services webpage.

Mail Services

All residential mail services are provided by Canon, the University of Louisville's printing and mail services vendor. Canon Print and Mail Services is located in the Student Activities Center (SAC) in Suite 119 West.

Please use the mailing address below for mail delivery from all carriers. 

Hall Name
Student Name
2100 S. Floyd Street, Suite W119
Louisville, KY 40292

Students will go to Canon Print and Mail Services to pick up all mail that is sent to them. For packages, students will receive an email to their UofL email account when a package has arrived.

For more information regarding print and mail services, visit the Canon website.

Residential Internet Services

Free Ethernet and WiFi are provided in all of our residence halls. Campus Housing has two Internet providers:

  • MyResNet
    • Services the following buildings:
      • Bettie Johnson Hall
      • Billy Minardi Hall
      • Community Park
      • Kurz Hall
      • Louisville Hall
      • Medical-Dental Apartments
      • Miller Hall
      • Threlkeld Hall
      • Unitas Tower
      • University Tower Apartments
  • Pavlov Media
    • Services Cardinal Towne and University Pointe

Instructions on how to connect to the Internet in your hall can be found on our Internet Services website.

What Are You Forgetting?

Not sure what to bring? Feel like you forgot something? Review our What to Bring list online!

Now that you've reviewed our important pre-move information, you an now review information for Move-In Day! Visit our Move-In Day website.

See you soon! Go Cards!