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Honors is a dynamic Living Learning Community dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence.  Research has proven that the top two most powerful sources of influence on students' academic and personal growth during the underegraduate experience are the student peer group and their relationships with faculty and staff. 


When participating in this community, students have the opportunity to:

  • Find assistance for academic success.
  • Have the opportunity to increase interaction with faculty and staff.
  • Learn about academic resources on campus.
  • Participate in a floor environment condusive to learning.
  • Share with others of similar interests and pursuits.


The Honors Program is currently housed in Threlkeld Hall.  This facility houses approximately 270 first-year and upperclass honors students.  First-year students who receive a top academic scholarship and are honors eligible may request membership in this community.  It is conveniently located adjacent to the Overseers Honors House and houses the Escort Honors Center. 

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