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Cable TV

Housing provides basic local and the classic cable channels.  For a channel listing check out:  Insight Communications.

Med-Dent Apartments, UTA, and Louisville Hall have a cable outlet in the living room.  All other halls have one cable outlet per room.

TV Requirements

Any TV that is cable ready is fine. You will need to decide upon the site for the TV based upon yours and your rommate's preferences.  Make sure you are able to program you TV or that you bring the user manual with you.  The most common problem residents have with their televisions is not knowing how to program it to accept cable channels.  Coordinate with your roommate as to which one is going to bring the TV.  You will need to bring a coaxle cable if you want to receive cable. Try to purchase the best coaxle cable you can because often times when there are fuzziness  issues the problem is tied to cheap cables.


If you have any issues with your cable connection, fill out the maintenace request form.  Please DO NOT call Insight directly.   You could be charged for the service and the repair crews must go through the Housing Office to access the buildings.

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