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Returner Signup FAQ

  • Do you have a comparison of all the available housing options?
  • I received an email saying I have housing in the affiliated properties.  What does that mean?
    • The University of Louisville offers a wide variety of housing for our students.  Our affiliated properties are private companies who have worked with UofL to create student focused upper class apartments within a close proximity to campus. 
  • What amenities do the affiliated properties offer?
    • Our affiliates offer a variety of amenities.  They all offer swimming pools, fully furnished apartments with full kitchens, and the ability to live with your preferred roommate.
  • The affiliates are so expensive!
    • Not really, there is a wide range of apartment types and rates.  All the affiliates are monthly and their rates range from approximately $505 a month to $1000 a month.  This is similar to the costs of our suite and apartment style housing in Kurz, Bettie and UTA.  They are also not required to purchase the on campus meal plan.  (Students will still have the commuter meal plan of $175 a semester.)
  • I liked the meal plan!
  • I still would much rather be on campus!
    • While we cannot guarantee space on campus, you can ask to go on the waitlist.  Just email and request to go on the waitlist.  We will then contact you if space becomes available.  Be prepared that it could be late spring or summer before we contact you.  If you change your mind, please email us so that we can remove you from the wait list.
  • I was on the wait list but I signed a lease at an affiliate just to be safe.  I found out later that I got a room on campus.  Can I cancel my lease?
    • No.  Affiliate leases are contractually binding.  Please be sure that you are prepared to commit to any property before signing a lease.
  • I was told I could select a room in Bettie, UTA or Kurz but my roommate request got an email directing them to the affiliated properties, what happened?
    • For us to match you up in the system, both students had to request each other as roommates.  If you two received different email messages, then your request was not mutual.  The one exception to this is same room requests.  The only roommate requests we were able to honor for same room people are those who said that they wanted to keep their current roommates.  This still had to be a mutual request and roommates must both go through the Keep Your Same Room process.
  • I didn't hear anything about the application for next year and didn't get to fill it out.  What do I do now?
    • We worked hard to make sure all residents were aware of the application.  We sent an initial email in September to residents as well as an email to parents letting them know that the application process was about to open.  We then sent a reminder email to both personal and campus addresses just before the application opened.  In addition, we posted signs in the residence halls notifying students.  If you did not apply, at this point you will need to wait until the spring before we will open the process again.  This will put you at the bottom of the wait list for returner spaces in Bettie, Kurz, and UTA.
  • I am a Speed School student who didn't select that option on the application and I was directed to the affiliates.  What do I do?
    • At this point, you will not be eligible to book  a room during the current room selection process.  You can contact and tell us that you are a Speed School student who wants to be placed on the wait list.
  • I am able to book a room in Bettie, Kurz or UTA, but the only building I want is Bettie Johnson Hall.
    • Bettie is a great building, and because of that it fills quickly.  If the only building you wanted was Bettie and it is full by the time you can book a room, your options are: 1. Book a room in Kurz or UTA and fill out a room change request form or 2. Check out the affiliated properties which are all apartment style with individual bedrooms like Bettie.  Just be sure, if you do decide to choose an affiliated apartment that you fill out the cancellation request form with us.
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