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Residence Hall Contacts

Housing and Residence Life

University of Louisville
2108 Unity Place
West Hall
Louisville, KY  40292
Phone:  502-852-6636   FAX:  502-852-5427


Residence Hall Front Desk Phone Numbers

Almost all front desks are staffed 24 hours a day.  Someone should be available to help you.

  • Bettie Johnson Hall: 854-2417
  • Community Park and Billy Minardi Hall: 854-0011
  • Kurz Hall: 854-9011
  • The Complex:  Center Hall 854-0283 and Wellness Hall 854-6846
  • Louisville Hall 854-0584
  • Med-Dent 852-1448
  • Miller Hall 854-5966
  • Threlkeld Hall 854-0945
  • Unitas Tower 854-3162
  • University Tower Apartments 854-4632

Building Managers


Bettie Johnson Hall

Front Desk: 854-2417  Email:

Lamont Johnson

Community Park & Billy Minardi Hall

LaMont Johnson: Front Desk 854-0011  Email:

The Complex (Center and Wellness)

Office Number 854-3832 

Adam Robertson

Kurz Hall

Adam Robertson: Front Desk 854-9011  Email:

Louisville Hall

Office Number 854-7019 

James Weakley

Medical Dental Apartments (MDA) 

James Weakley:   Email: 


Ashleigh Taylor

Miller Hall

Ashleigh Taylor:  Office Number 854-3288  Email:

Threlkeld Hall

 Office Number 854-4703  


Unitas Tower

  Office Number 854-4361  


University Tower Apartments (UTA)

Neftali Hernandez:  Office Number 854-9045  Email:


Office Number:  636-1688
Contact:  James Buchanan

Phoenix Place Apartments

Office Number:  582-2801
Contact:  Alonzo Ceapriola

The Bellamy

Office Number: 634-5996
Contact: Craig Haughton

The Quad

Office Number: 515-2489 option 3

Contact: Kent Weyland

Cardinal Towne

Office Number: 475-5000
Contact: Evan Harrison
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