Frequently Asked Questions

Will you host the Summer Camps and Conferences program in Summer 2020?

Yes! This year’s program is expected to remain fully operational. If this situation changes, we will contact all of our guests and partners as soon as possible.

I have already submitted my prepayment. Will I be refunded if my group decides to cancel?

Per your Camps and Conferences contractual agreement, you are entitled to a refund amount based on the date of your cancellation.

Our group still plans on attending Camps and Conferences in Summer 2020; however, we anticipate that several of our group members will decide not to participate. If our group number is lower than when we originally signed our contract, can we amend this contract?

You are welcome to amend your contract. However, please refer to the license agreement regarding changes in group numbers. If this stipulation changes, we will notify our guests and partners as soon as possible.

What is the process of reserving a conference space?

To complete a summer housing reservation, each group should follow this five-step process:

1. Submit a reservation.

2. Submit a signed license agreement and a 25% prepayment (if applicable).

   -Space is reserved after completing this point.

3. Attend the guarantee meeting via in person, via a Zoom meeting, or over the phone.

    -Finalization of the document is completed at this time.

4. Submit the remaining balance.

5. Prepare for check-in.

Which spaces are available for Summer Camps and Conferences housing?

Camps and Conferences guests may choose from a variety of housing optionstraditionals, suites, and apartments. Guests may also choose from single- and double-occupancy room types. For apartments, we have regular-to large-studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms available. Visit each residence hall page to view amenities and take a virtual tour!

How do I submit payment in order to reserve housing for my group?

Prepayments are due by the guarantee meeting, which is 30 days prior to the arrival of a camp or conference. In lieu of the prepayment, UofL affiliated groups are allowed to bypass the prepayment and submit a full payment prior to the conference group arrival with a written correspondence from the Dean of the respective department. The letter should convey the commitment of the group with an expectation of paying the prepayment amount in the full amount for the conference group. The remaining balance of the camp and conference is due prior to the check in. Failure to submit the full payment will result in a delayed check in. 

How can I pay for my summer housing?

Payments can be submitted through a journal voucher, credit card (Discover, Visa, and Mastercard), check, or money order. A journal voucher (JV) is a transaction that records, or posts, to a journal in the accounting record. A JV can only be submitted from a UofL department to another UofL department. Non-affiliated groups will not be allowed to submit a JV for payment. Cash will also not be accepted.