Agreement Form Sample

sample roommate agreement form page one. What is your residence hall? What is your room number? Insert names of each roommate. How do we define cleanliness? How often will we clean? What parts will we clean? What are suitable visiting hours for guests? Which spaces are off limits to guests?How often will we have guests? sample roommate agreement form page two. How will we communicate with each other if the noise is too loud? Where will each of us mostly study in our living space? Which noise level is appropriate for studying? At which room temperature range will the room be maintained? What time do we usually go to bed? What time do we usually or each need to wake up? Are there any items we need for our sleeping environment?

sample roommate agreement form page three. How often will we use the kitchen? How often will we clean the kitchen space? How often will we clean out the fridge? What times will laundry not be permitted as not to wake up roommates? How often will we each do laundry per week? roommate agreement form page four. How will we coordinate purchased items for our living space? Are guests allowed to use each other's belongings? How do we plan to approach each other regarding issues or concerns

roommate agreement form page five. Resident signatures