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First Year Live On Policy

All UofL first-year students under 21 will be required to live on campus, unless living at home with a parent or guardian*.

University of Louisville students enrolled in college for the first time in the fall semester after high-school graduation must reside for two semesters in one of the following residence halls: Bettie Johnson Hall, Billy Minardi Hall, Center Hall, Community Park, Kurz Hall, Louisville Hall, Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall, and Unitas Tower.

Please click here for the spring live on policy

*Who can get an exemption?

Students who can demonstrate that they meet one of the following conditions may receive an exemption from the policy: a) will reside with a custodial parent or guardian for the academic year; b) 21 years of age or older; c) veteran of the U.S. Armed Services ; d) married; or e) custodial parent or guardian of a child; f) students with other extenuating circumstances.

Exemption Process

  • The online exemption request form is located at  Students will not be required to pay the application charge in the processes of requesting an exemption.  Notice of exemption decisions will be sent within three weeks to the student's university e-mail account.
  • The exemption requests will be evaluated by a committee of students, faculty and staff.  Students may appeal the decision of the exemption committee to the Director of Housing.

Why has this policy been implemented and why now?

  • We have known for some time that students who live on campus were retained at a higher level but we have not had the facilities or services to support a greater on-campus population.
  • The additional housing beds, enhanced food service, increased library hours and redesigned student space across campus have made it possible for us to house the additional influx of students. 

Do other schools ask freshmen to stay on campus during their first year?

  • Many schools across the country ask first year students to stay on campus because they realize living on campus help students be successful.
  • Every state school in Kentucky requires first year students to stay on campus except for the University of Kentucky.  Some Kentucky schools require students to live on campus for two years.

First Year Programming

  • We have developed a yearlong comprehensive programming model to help students adjust to campus and to help them be successful.
  • First year students will be encouraged to participate in the programs and activities around the following focus areas:  financial planning, celebrating differences, academic support, campus resources, drug and alcohol awareness and community service.

What if I am starting school in the spring?

Students enrolled in college for the first time in the spring semester after high-school graduation must reside for one semester in one of the following residence halls: Bettie Johnson Hall, Billy Minardi Hall, Center Hall, Community Park, Kurz Hall, Louisville Hall, Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall, Unitas Tower, Wellness House, or West Hall. Summer residence on campus does not count as a semester under this policy. 

Safety and Security Issues

Parents often raise concerns about campus safety. Although we cannot guarantee the safety of any student on campus, the Housing and Residence Life staff work closely with the university to ensure that a number of policies, programs and services are in place to increase the safety and security of residence hall students. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Restricted visitation hours in the freshmen only halls
  • Guest sign in and escort
  • Exterior doors locked 24/7 and equipped with prop alarms
  • Front desk staffed 24/7 to monitor building activity and enforce policies
  • One Resident Assistant living on a floor for about every 35 students
  • Floor and building staff is trained on safety and security issues as well as roommate mediation and knowledge of campus resources and referral options
  • Educational programs provided in each hall related to campus safety and security
  • Each room is equipped with an emergency notification device that provides students with information about campus disruptions and potential safety issues
  • Each hall is equipped with a state of the art fire suppression and evacuation system connected directly to our campus police department and monitored 24/7
  • University police provide a campus escort service, monitor a large bank of campus security cameras, and maintain continued campus police patrols in an effort to ensure the safety and security of our residents.

What happens if I do nothing or lie on my exemption request?

Failure to comply with the live on requirement and/or providing false or misleading information in connection with a request for exemption may result in traditional hall double occupancy room charges being assessed to the students account. 

If I am forced to leave on campus housing due to violations of the license or the U of L Code of Student Conduct will I still have to pay for housing?

Yes, you will still be held to the ENTIRE academic year housing charge.  No refunds or credits will be given to the student if removed from on campus housing for cause.
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