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Assignments FAQ

My password is not working.

Your password is not your ULINK password.  When you reset your password it goes to the email address you put on your Housing application.  If you do not get the email call the Housing office at 502-852-6636.  We can make any corrections needed to your email address.

I entered the wrong student ID on the application.

Do not fill out another application.  Call the Housing office at 502-852-6636 and we will be able to change it for you.

I filled out a fee waiver request, but have not heard anything about it.

We attempt to process the requests multiple times per week.  We will send you an email message to let you know if your request has been approved or denied.  If approved, you will still see the Application Charge link when you login to sign your license and/or choose your room, just ignore the link.

I tried to choose my room, but it says I didn’t sign my license.

You tried to choose a community before signing your license.  You will need to contact the Housing office at 502-852-6636 to have them move you back a step in the process so you can sign the license. 

I filled out an application a few weeks ago but haven’t received an assignment.

To check and see if you have an assignment, go to ULINK and click Housing Roommate Search in the middle column.  This will show you your assignment and roommate if you have one.  If you do not have assignment you will need to go back to the Housing Application website  and follow the instructions to complete your application.  If you are unable make a selection, make sure if you have completed the application.  If you are unsure, call the Housing office at 502-852-6636.

I am getting a “No records found” error when selecting my room.

The building or room type you are trying to book is full.  Select another building or room type and then fill out the Room Change Request.

I see buildings but cannot find the building I want to live in.

You are probably in the wrong community.  Go to “Choose Community” and then select the appropriate community. 

I paid the $175 application charge but the building I want is not there.

If the building you want is full, you will need to book in a different building and then fill out the Room Change Request form to go on the wait list for your preferred building.  Housing gives priority on the wait lists to those people who have already booked a room on campus. We are often able to accommodate most wait list requests throughout the spring and summer.  We strongly recommend that you do not narrow down your room type preferences too specifically as this may keep you from getting into your preferred building.

I want to live in an LLC.

 Complete Parts 1 & 2 of the Housing application.  Then fill out the LLC agreement that corresponds to the community you want to participate in.    Housing will receive confirmation from the program coordinator and then you will receive an email containing your assignment.

I am trying to pull in a roommate, but it is not working.

Make sure the roommate you are trying to pull in has completed parts 1 & 2 of the Housing Application and that you put the same student ID number in both spots.  DO NOT use the roommate’s password.

Why do I need my roommate’s student ID number?

The student ID number is used to guarantee you get the roommate you want since there can be students with the same name.

My preferred roommate has not been admitted to the University yet.

If you wait for your roommate, you may not get the building you want.  You need to decide if it is more important to get the roommate you want or live in the building you want.    You always have the option to fill out a Room Change Request Form at a later date to try and get a room with the roommate or into the building you wanted.

I choose a room I didn’t mean to.

Fill out the Room Change Request form.

I thought I finished my application but I have not.

 Unfortunately we cannot go back and bump people out of spaces if your preferred buildings are full.  You need to go back and finish your Housing application as soon as possible and choose a room.  If your preferred building is full, choose a room in a different building and then fill out a Room Change Request form.

I though I had my assignment, but I am still getting emails telling me to apply.

Multiple departments at the University will send emails telling students to apply for Housing.  In an effort to not miss any students, we continue to send emails to everyone.  To check and make sure you have an assignment, go to ULINK and click Housing Roommate Search in the middle column.  This will show your assignment, if you have one, and any roommate you have.

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