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Marketing & Graphic Design Internship


Christopher Potts, Assistant Director for Residence Education,

West Hall, 2108 Unity Place, Louisville, KY  40292


Hours for internship:  75 hours per term


Objective:  To gain an understanding of the outreach, public relations and collaborative programming involved in running a major housing program on campus.


Intended skill development and experience can be arranged for any combination of the following:

  • Enhance business and communication skills
  • Sharpen planning and time management skills
  • Gain direct experience in managing outreach aspects of a major student affairs program
  • Develop confidence in dealing with diverse groups from a variety of university units as well as the private business sector
  • Enhance marketing, print design and information sharing skills
  • Gain experience presenting to, speaking with and coordinating tours for groups who are potential residents
  • Gain experience in assessing services provided and preparing documents such as annual reports, assessment reviews, and learning outcome assessment
  • Gain experience in working with student focus groups and information gathering techniques


Possible Duties could include:

  • Assist in development of publication and information sharing campaign from the program to the greater community
  • Assist in planning outreach and recruiting type programs with potential residents and families
  • Present sessions of information and outreach to groups
  • Participate in recruitment trips planned by Admissions or other entities
  • Assist in identification of learning outcomes and assessment of such outcomes
  • Assist in preparation and presentation of annual report and other assessment reports regarding services provided
  • Research best practices in the field and assist in future planning of such practices
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