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Facilities and Operations Internship


Bryan Shelangoski, Associate Director for Facilities and Operations,

West Hall, 2108 Unity Place, Louisville, KY  40292



Hours for internship:  75 hours per term


Objective:  To gain an understanding of the daily as well as the long term plan for facility management and operations involved in a major university housing program; and to gain direct experience in planning and implementing specific facility projects including renovations, deferred maintenance projects, and community enhancement.


Intended skill development and experience can be arranged for any combination of the following:

  • Enhance business and communication skills
  • Sharpen planning and time management skills
  • Gain direct experience in managing facility, budgetary and operational aspects of a major student affairs program
  • Gain direct experience in student development processes for building community
  • Develop confidence in dealing with diverse groups from a variety of university units as well as the private business sector
  • Gain experience in developing a timeline and document regarding transition of residence halls from spring to summer use or to fall use
  • Gain experience in contract review and negotiation as well as daily monitoring for outsourced service agreements
  • Gain budgeting planning and oversight experience in facility management
  • Gain experience in assessing service techniques in maintaining facilities on a college campus
  • Gain experience in working with student and parent concerns regarding facilities and services provided


Possible Duties could include:

  • Contribute to training and development of student maintenance staff
  • Update existing transition process and documentation for hall staff, planning training and development of hall staff
  • Review current processes and research benchmark procedures to identify updated and more efficient methods
  • Coordinate and oversee inventory control
  • Coordinate and oversee life and fire safety procedures and techniques in halls
  • Update standards for service provision in halls
  • Identify methods of education of resident students on commitment to community and facility identity
  • Assist in monthly facility invoicing and bill review.
  • Assist in planning for future deferred maintenance and renovation projects (outlining goals of project, researching industry standards and products, preparing cost estimates and coordinating schedules for project)
  • Assist in collecting and reporting data regarding work completed, concerns reported and process for repair
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